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Safe Storage of Medicines

Always remember to keep medicines out of the reach of children, and in a cool, dry place. Remember medicine goes out of date !

If you have regular medicines from your doctor on a repeat prescription, only order what you need, so that you don't keep too many at home.

What medicines and treatments should I keep in my home medicine cabinet?

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Returning your Unwanted Medicines to this Pharmacy

In order to protect the safety of our staff, customers and the environment, when returning your unwanted medicines to this pharmacy for destruction, please take a moment to answer the questions in the check lists below.

You must be able to answer all the questions with a "Yes" in order for our staff to accept your unwanted medicines. Please tell our pharmacy staff if there are any questions to which you’ve answered "No":

Check List

  • Are you returning only medicines ?
  • Are you sure there are no needles or other sharps in the bag/container ?
  • Are you sure there is nothing else that may affect the health and safety of our staff ?

See below for a list of those items we can and cannot accept

YES - We can AcceptNO - Sorry we can't Accept
  • Tablets
  • Creams
  • Liquid medicines
  • Powders
  • Inhalers
  • Ampoules
  • Ointments
  • Capsules
  • Needles or other sharps
  • Chemicals
  • Veterinary products
  • Dialysis kits
  • Paints
  • Solvents
  • Oil
  • Batteries
  • Pesticides or other garden chemicals
  • Anything else which is not a medicine

Contact your local council for advice on the safe disposal of products that we cannot accept from you.

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Why is it important to return my old medicines to the pharmacy?

Each year people are harmed or killed by accidentally poisoning themselves with old medicines. Don't be a statistic.

Why can't I throw my medicines away myself ?

By throwing your old medicines down the toilet you can effect the ecology of the water system. If everyone threw their old medicines down the toilet, the water system would become polluted by all the antibiotics, hormones and other drugs in your medicine cupboard.

Why should I bring my medicines back to the Pharmacist ?

So that your unwanted medicine can be disposed of in a safe way. All returned medicines will be incinerated.

The procedure for taking old medicines back to your Pharmacy can be found here.

Will my old medicines go to third world countries ?

Yes, some of the returned medicines can be sent to help others less fortunate than ourselves. Only medicines that are un-opened and have a minimum of 18 months left on the expiry date can be sent to Africa. Any medicines that fall outside of these parameters will be incinerated and will not be reused or recycled in any way.

When can I take my medicines into the Pharmacy ?

At any time (according to opening hours) you can take your old medicines into your Pharmacy.

Safe storage of medicines:

Information on the safe storage of medicines can be found here.

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Home Medicine Chest

Please see this table which contain useful medicines and dressings that could be kept in a home medicine chest. All are reasonably prices and many are available to buy at the pharmacy. They are worth keeping at home for minor illnesses.